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ITR filing process for salaried person having only Form16 at

Updated: Nov 25

As you may be aware that the last date to file IT returns for all persons (other than audited assesses) is 31st Dec.2020 which is approaching last.

At we have made the IT Return filing process easy and affordable for all salaried Individuals having only Form 16 i.e. no other income other than the form 16.

1. Go to the ITR-1 Filing Page.

2. Click on "Start Now" under Upload Form16 Here

3. You will be redirected to this page.

4. Click on "Salary"

5. If you are an NRI, Click on "I am an NRI" check box.

6. Now Click on Continue.

7. Enter your total income and Click on "Next".

8. Enter your Email ID and Phone Number and Click on "Connect with a Tax Expert".

9. And you are done! A Tax Expert will contact you through Whatsapp within the next 24 hours.

It is easy to file your ITR. So start filing IT return now.

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