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What is IFSC Code?

IFSC code is a short abbreviation for Indian Financial System Code. It is 11 digits alphanumeric character that we generally see on bank cheques, the front page of the bank passbook, etc. It is also available on the bank’s website.

Importance of IFSC Code

It is used for online fund transactions done through RTGS, NEFT, and IMPS.

IFSC code is allotted to each branch of the bank by the Reserve Bank of India. Thus each branch of the bank has a unique code to identify itself which makes online transactions easier.

IFSC code helps in eliminating any discrepancy in the entire fund transfer process

Format of IFSC Code

IFSC code is 11 digit alphanumeric character in which the first 4 digit represents the name of the bank, followed by a zero and last six digits can be numeric or alphabet which represents the bank branch code.


AAAAA            0        AA1234

Bank Name   Zero     Branch code

How to search IFSC Code?

You can search IFSC Code in two ways -

1. Enter the IFSC Code and get the bank details.

2. Enter the Bank Name, State,  and click on search, you will be shown a table of the banks found in that state with their branches. Click on any branch to view the details of the bank.

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