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What is GSTIN?

Imagine a world where complex tax systems are simplified into a single, unified structure. That's the magic of GST, and at the heart of it is the enigmatic GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number). But it's more than just a number; it's the key to unlocking tax efficiency, transparency, and seamless transactions. The GST Number, also known as GSTIN (GST Identification Number), is a unique identity provided to every taxpayer registered with the GST Department. A GST Number consists of various components that provide essential information about the taxpayer.

 Let's break down the structure of a GST Number using the sample GSTIN: 08AAAAA0000A1Z5.

 08AAAAA0000A1Z5 - Sample GST No.

1. State Code

The first two digits of a GST Number represent the State Code. In our example, "08" represents the state code of Rajasthan. Each state in India has a unique code assigned to it.

2. PAN (Permanent Account Number)

The next ten digits of the GST Number represent the PAN (Permanent Account Number) of the registered taxpayer. The PAN is a unique ten-character alphanumeric code assigned to individuals and entities by the Income Tax Department.

3. Number of Registrations

The following numeric digit in the GST Number signifies the number of registrations taken by the taxpayer in the respective state. For instance, if the digit is "1," it indicates that the taxpayer has a single registration in that particular state.

4. Fixed Alphabet

After the number of registrations, there is a fixed alphabet "Z" in every GST Number. It serves as a constant identifier in the structure of the GSTIN.

5. Checksum Digit

The last digit of the GST Number is a unique digit that varies for each taxpayer. It is generated using a mathematical formula known as the Luhn algorithm. This checksum digit helps in verifying the authenticity of the GST Number.

Searching for a GST Number

Conducting a GST number search in India is a pivotal step for individuals or entities to verify the authenticity and details of a GST registration. GST number search tools enable users to search for a GST number using various parameters, including by name or PAN (Permanent Account Number). These tools facilitate the GST number search by company name or firm name, providing a means to authenticate the GST details associated with a particular entity. Moreover, searching GST numbers by name aids in identifying GST details linked to specific individuals or businesses, ensuring the accuracy and validation of their GST registration.

The GST Department offers a user-friendly facility on its official website,, to search for GST Numbers. Here are the available options for searching:

1. GST Number Search

Using the GST Number search option, you can directly input a GSTIN to find specific taxpayer details. This method is particularly useful when you already have the GST Number and want to verify its accuracy.

The facility is available on the main page of the GST site i.e.  under the option search taxpayer. You can input any of the fields above and search for the taxpayer details. However, the PAN is a must for the search. Without PAN you cannot search any taxpayer. GST number search by the name of the taxpayer is not possible.

The above facility helps to identify whether a particular GST no. is correct or fake. In case fake GST no. has been reported in any bill, you must check the same and report the concern to the respective dealer. 


Please note that presently there is no facility available for GST search by company name or firm name i.e. if a trade name is entered GST no cannot be searched. 

2. PAN-based Search

Another option is to search for a GST Number based on the PAN of the taxpayer. This method allows you to retrieve GSTINs associated with a particular PAN. It can be helpful when you have the PAN but not the GST Number.

The process of GST No search by name involves utilizing dedicated online portals or platforms designed for GST details search. These search tools allow users to find GST numbers by entering relevant information such as the name of the taxpayer or the company. Additionally, users can search for GST numbers by PAN, providing a more targeted approach to identifying GST registrations associated with specific PAN cardholders. This search-by-name feature simplifies the process of retrieving GST numbers and related details, ensuring seamless verification of GST registrations.

3. Composition Taxpayer Search

If you are specifically looking for information about a composition taxpayer, you can utilize the Composition Taxpayer search option. This search helps you identify taxpayers who have opted for the composition scheme.


The GST No. can be searched at the GST site through any of the following options: 

​(1) Through GSTIN   i.e., GST search by GST No.

(2) Through PAN i.e., GST search by PAN

(3) Search Composition Taxpayer


In conclusion, the GST Number search facility provided by the GST Department allows you to verify the authenticity of a GST Number and access important taxpayer information. By understanding the components of a GST Number and utilizing the available search options, you can ensure the accuracy of GSTINs and report any suspicious activity. Remember, the GST Number search is invaluable in maintaining transparency and compliance within the GST framework

Step by step process for searching GST Taxpayer is as under : 

(a) Through GST No. i.e. if you are having GST No. of the taxpayer

1.  Visit 

GST no search process start

2. Click Search by GSTIN/UIN

GST no. search by GSTIN

3.  Enter the GSTIN of taxpayer and you will find all the details

GST no. search -enter GSTIN

(b) Through PAN of the Taxpayer

1. Visit

Search with PAN
GST no. search through PAN

2. Go to Search Taxpayer - Search by PAN

GST no. search by PAN

3. Enter PAN and all details will be available of the taxpayer

GST no. search - Enter PAN

Verifying the Authenticity of a GST Number

The GST Number search facility provided by the GST Department plays a crucial role in verifying the authenticity of a GST Number. It enables you to identify whether a particular GSTIN is genuine or fake. If you come across a suspicious or fake GST Number on a bill or document, it is essential to verify it and report the concern to the respective dealer or authority.

Here are some strategies that are essential for businesses to verify the authenticity of GSTINs and maintain compliance with GST regulations, preventing errors and potential fraud.

Screenshot 1

Toolsets for Managing GST Numbers

Finding GST numbers by name or PAN is crucial for obtaining accurate and verified GST details for taxpayers or businesses. Using these search methods enables individuals to access comprehensive information about GST registrations, ensuring compliance and authenticity in business dealings. Moreover, performing a GST number search with name or PAN helps in cross-verifying and validating the GST details provided by entities, enhancing transparency and trust in business transactions. These search functionalities contribute to a streamlined process for individuals or entities to verify GST numbers and gather detailed information about registered taxpayers or businesses.


Online tools and software simplify GST registration and compliance, making it easier for businesses to navigate the system. These are listed below:

Screenshot 2

Strategies/Hacks/Use Cases for Efficient GSTIN Management

This concise table provides a summarized overview of various aspects of efficient GSTIN management, including strategies, hacks, and use cases

Screenshot 3

Leveraging the latest data for GSTIN management is crucial for businesses to maintain compliance and operational efficiency. Real-time verification, API integration with the GSTN, and collaboration with GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) provide access to the current information.

Filing of GST returns simplified

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