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What is GSTIN?

GST No. or GSTIN (GST Identification number) is provided to every taxpayer when he gets registered at GST Department. 

The Registration no. is a unique identity no. provided to every taxpayer when his application for registration is approved by GST Department. 

There are some distinguish features of every GST No. They are as follows : 

 08AAAAA0000A1Z5 - Sample GST No.

1. The first two digit of the GST No. represent the State Code. For example in above sample no. 08 represents the state code of Rajasthan. 

2. The Next ten digits represents the PAN of the registered Taxpayer. 

3. The next numeric digit represents the no. of registrations taken by the taxpayer in the state. 1 denotes that he has taken only one registration in a particular state. 

4. The next alphabet Z is a fixed alphabet. 

5. The last digit i.e. 5 in above sample represents a unique digit which is different for different taxpayer. 

The GST No. can be searched at GST site through any of the following options : 

(1) Through GSTIN   i.e. GST search by GST No.

(2) Through PAN i.e. GST search by PAN

(3) Search Composition Taxpayer

The facility is available on the main page of the GST site i.e.  under the option search taxpayer. You can input any of the field above and search the taxpayer details. However the PAN is must for the search. Without PAN you can not search any taxpayer. GST number search by name of the taxpayer is not possible.

The above facility helps to identify whether a particular GST no. is correct or fake. In case fake GST no. has been reported in any bill, you must check the same and report the concern to the respective dealer. 


Please note that presently there is no facility available for gst search by company name or firm name i.e. if a trade name is entered GST no can not be searched. 


Step by step process for searching GST Taxpayer is as under : 

(a) Through GST No. i.e. if you are having GST No. of the taxpayer

1.  Visit 

GST no search process start

2. Click Search by GSTIN/UIN

GST no. search by GSTIN

3.  Enter the GSTIN of taxpayer and you will find all the details

GST no. search -enter GSTIN

(b) Through PAN of the Taxpayer

1. Visit

Search with PAN
GST no. search through PAN

2. Go to Search Taxpayer - Search by PAN

GST no. search by PAN

3. Enter PAN and all details will be available of the taxpayer

GST no. search - Enter PAN

Link for searching GSTIN details 

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