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GST seems to be a complex tax since it is a new levy and thus many of us are finding it difficult to cope with it. We are here to serve you and help you in solving all your difficulties regarding GST right from Registration to monthly return filings and also the Annual Return filings. 

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Any person wants to do business has to get himself registered under GST which is now a one tax one nation i.e. instead of registration statewide now centralized GST registration is to be obtained. There is certain relaxation from obtaining registration in different states based on the criteria of turnover etc. For detailed eligibility of GST registration and the procedure, please visit our GST registration section. 

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Having obtained the GST Registration, the next step of compliance is the GST return filing process. Every taxpayer or a registered person under GST is required to file different returns at different points of time to ensure a smooth ride.

There are many returns that are also categorized on the basis of turnover, category of registration, etc. 

Timely return filing is very important part of GST compliance as the late fees and interest is very high on non-compliances. Various late fees are there for various returns which ranges from Rs. 20 per day to 200 per day. 

For detailed procedure and time line of filing of GST returns, please visit our GST return filing section. 

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