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ITR - 5: Price List

ITR 5 FILINGS A.YR. 2023-24

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ITR - 5 for Firms/AOP

Rs. 3499

ITR - 5: FAQ



Form ITR-5 is required to be filed by all persons other than Individual, HUF, Company and persons required to file ITR-7.

The persons who are eligible to file ITR-5 are as under :

  • A Firm;

  • Limited Liability Partnership;

  • Association of Persons (AOP);

  • Body of Individuals (BOI);

  • Artificial Juridical Person (AJP) referred to in Section 2(31)(vii);

  • Local Authority referred to in Section 160(1)(iii) or 160(1)(iv);

  • Cooperative Society;

  • Society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 or under any State law trust (except trusts eligible for filing Form ITR-7)

  • Estate of Deceased person

  • Estate of an insolvent

  • Business Trust referred to in Section 139(4E)

  • Investment Fund referred to in Section 139(4F)

Form ITR-5 cannot be filed by any individual, HUF, Company and also by persons eligible to file ITR-7.


  • Financial Statements of Firm, Society, Local Authority etc.

  • Documents relating to Deductions claimed

  • Form 16A/26AS

Modes of Filing ITR-5

ITR-5 is applicable for persons other than Individual/HUF/Company/persons required to file ITR-7. 

The modes of filing ITR-5 are : 

1. Online ITR-5 filing at Income tax efiling portal by filling in online form ITR-5. This has to be done by logging in to the site. 

2. By uploading the xml file on the efiling portal of Income tax and subsequently verifying the IT return either physically signing it or through the various e-verify modes available such as aadhar OTP, Bank Account validation , Demat Account validation etc. 

3. The physically signed ITR-5 acknowledgement has to be send to CPC-Bangluru through Post/Speed post. 

4. In case of persons  covered under audit u/s 44AB/44AD, the audit report has to be seperately uploaded and then the ITR-5 has to be filed. 

5. In case of audit assessee, the ITR-5 has to be digitally signed and uploaded. No manual signing and verifying through OTPs are allowed. 

  • Which ITR is best for me?
    You can know which ITR is best for you by taking a short quiz here ➡ Else, you can read our article on this topic here
  • Is Karr Tax safe?
    Yes! Definetely! We are! 1. Your Data is yours! So, it is never given to anyone else than our safe team 2. The payment method is fully secured and managed by India's No. 1 payment gateway: Razorpay! 3. Our website is 100% SSL secured. No Hackers, No worries!
  • Who will file my IT return?
    Your ITR is filed by Tax Experts who have more then 20 years of experience!
  • What is Form 16?
    Every Salaried Employee whose total income after all eligible deductions under income tax act exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax is required to get their tax deducted from their employers as per their eligible tax slabs. Thus the employer has to deduct tax at source from income of every employee whose total income is chargeable to tax and has to deposit the TDS so deducted into the Govt. Account. Every Employer has to file TDS return of salary at the end of the Financial year and has to provide the Form 16 to every employee whose TDS has been deducted at Source. For more details check out this ➡
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