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Pre Book Your ITR Filing for Asst.yr. 2024-25!

and get upto

15% off

The ITR Filing for F. Yr. 2023-24 (Asst. Yr. 2024-25) has not started yet. However, you can pre-book your ITR and our Tax Experts will file your Income Tax Return as soon as the filing starts.

Pay Rs. 300 now, Rest after filings

ITR - 1 Basic
Rs. 399
Rs. 60
Rs. 339
ITR - 1 Standard
Rs. 499
Rs. 75
Rs. 424
ITR - 1 Premium
Rs. 899
Rs. 135
Rs. 764
ITR - 2 Basic
Rs. 1199
Rs. 180
Rs. 1019
ITR - 2 Standard
Rs. 1999
Rs. 300
Rs. 1699
ITR - 3
Rs. 2499
Rs. 375
Rs. 2124
ITR - 4
Rs. 1499
Rs. 225
Rs. 1274

The given prices are rounded off to the nearest integer and are inclusive of tax.

How does the process go?

Pay the booking fees of Rs. 300 irrespective of which ITR you will have to file.

Our Tax Expert will contact you within 24 hours and ask for your income details. He will then suggest right ITR for you.

You submit the required documents to the Tax Expert and he will file the ITR as soon as the filing starts. After the filing, you are required to pay the balance amount as per your plan.

Stay ahead of the game by Pre-Booking your ITR now!

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